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Many companies out there are willing to part with there industry knowledge but only at stupid prices! We are not like them... all of our information is available free online for our beloved readers.

Design Advice

Whats classed as stylish in today's graphics world changes each and everyday. Somethings remain the same however but a lot of the mroe advanced styles are changing constantly as big businesses want to stand out from the crowd. We post various articles reffering to these changes.

Ethical Sourcing

Here at Leamington Lions we are passionate about design and packaging but also the future of our planet. We don't mean participate against fracking but just using recycled and well sourced materials is great for publicity.

Industry Tips and Tricks

Along with design ideas, we also cover many forms of industry secrets and tips. The things designers don't tell you and so on... these are what our readers love the most.

Focused on reader satisfaction at all times…


Our readers are the life and soul of the site, we aim to provide free and relevant information to each and everyone.



We have a team of designers all dedicated and allocated projects each day in, day out. These will communicate with you back and forth until you are satisfied with the artwork they have designed for you. Some of the subjects discussed will be your target audience, what message you want to give across and the actual product itself.


You only have a couple of seconds to draw a customer in and then they have diverted their attention. Our designers understand this and aim for the highest quality!

We understand that each organisation or business have very different requirements when it comes to packaging.

Therefore we have a number of people who will visit you and discuss the options that are relevant to you. This type of visit is a one-time fee and lasts up to 3 hours of consultation.

Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative designs.

When creating a state-of-the-art product that is very popular and revolutionary you need to have some product packaging to show people just exactly what they are getting.

We understand your product packaging needs to be relevant to what you’re supplying, but also keeping it simple.

What are readers say!

Alot of our readers are big fans of the site and kept giving us ssuch good feedback that we just had to showcase some of it!


Business Owner

This site is great! I have spent countless hours looking for sites that can provide free information regarding the packaging and design industry, not only do you cove the best topics but the site is updated often and blogs are never to far apart.



This site is all i could ask for, sometimes customers do not understand nor want to udnerstand the laws and general rules of design. I give them a link to certain articles which they can read and learn from so they have a better idea of what they want and where to start



Im a freelance developer, not a designer. Somtimes however customers ask me for advice on such things and i hvae learnt quite aloy from this site and it always keeps the customer happy. I cant wait for the next design post to come around.


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