Top Software’s for Designing Graphics for Packaging

The answer to the best graphics design software can vary from designer to designer, some say Adobe software’s, apple users may say Affinity but the thing is, it really depends on your own personal preference. In this guide, we aren’t going to tell you the best software’s but we will tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of various software’s. Please be aware that some of these software’s are not for beginners and will require some time to become efficient with them.Continue reading

The Rules of Package design.

The food industry is the lifeline of the world, it fuels not only the economy but also our tummies. When we think about the people involved in the retail food industry its people like the farmers, the big corporate business, delivery men and the girl behind the checkout… BUT there is one person that could arguably have one of the most influential jobs involved with getting food from producer to your table and that is the graphics designer. More times than you realise it has been the graphics designer sat in a little office who has made you choose their brand without even being there! Please read on for some of the most important things graphics designers do to ensure you purchase the product they have designed the packaging for.Continue reading