As consumers, we really do not like changes to packaging, except IF it is good and when it is not that it is not acceptable. It really is tough to know that your packaging will be welcomed with opening arms from the public.
Here at Leamington Lions Design we have come up with three ways to keep your customers happy and coming back just from your packaging design.

One thing you must remember is that innovation is the key. It really is not just showing what your product does but demonstrating and illustrating how this product beats the pants off the rest of the products on the shelf in the same market as it.

If your product is a huge brand with an even bigger following, then the work is already done for you. However, most unknown less popular brands should think of the several techniques available out there to make their product packaging the most appealing it can be.

This type of packaging demonstrates that the brand understands the needs of the consumers, it knows that its consumers have been using the products and are showing that they want to make it a lot better than it already is. Creative packaging really speaks aloud to your customers and it in-time bonds a relationship and they come back.

Your Purpose:

There is an ever-growing trend in the packaging industry is making the packaging interactive, I guess we could call it in built-functions inside the packaging that a user can interact with and use easily.
Using functional packaging really shows that a company understands the needs of its customers, it should know how customers are using products and making the experience better. Having creative packaging that resonates with customers creates a relationship with them which will in turn, keep them coming back.


The Size:
The bigger size isn’t always the best option. However, the needs of customers vary, the size of the packaging really does have an impact on who is going to buy it.
Leamington Lions recognise the needs of their customers and therefore design the packaging to meet the customer’s needs, this could be changing sizes or changing shapes.

The Appeal:
It needs to catch the customers eye!!
We all love a product that is appealing to look at, an example of this would be the Coke bottle, Coca-Cola utilised a visually pleasing design with a can consisting three simple colours, red and white. This simplicity shows that a design doesn’t have to be overly complicated to be eye catching and appealing to consumers.

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